Weight Lifting to get Healthy

How to get healthier

Benefits and Disadvantages of Weight Lifting?

While it can depend on if you would like to lose fat or fat and muscle, it’s important to remember that there is never a ‘best way to lose weight’, it’s entirely individualized. That being said, no one can argue that weight lifting is not without benefits – it can help with stress management, better sleep, stronger bones, etc.

The people who lose the most weight are people who increased their total energy expenditure through increased cardio workouts of 150 minutes per week, and decreasing their energy intake to 500 calories per day.

As for weightlifting being the best way to lose weight, there are two camps. One says weightlifting revs up the metabolism because exercising with heavier weights forces the muscles to work harder so it generates more heat, the other camp blames the post-workout calorie drop for weight loss.

Muscle is in turn very efficient in burning calories. So when you’re in the weight-gaining stage, if your muscles are heavier, they will need more fuel to stay fueled.

There are a number of different anaerobic and aerobic exercises out there which have been studied extensively. There have been a number of systematic analyses of different training programs which can produce weight loss in a weight-stable state in a wide variety of populations.

So Weight Lifting is the best thing ever?

Nope. Let me tell you something – Weight training is only one of many weight loss techniques and there are likely benefits to trying out one of its alternatives. For example, isometric exercise- believe it or not isometric exercise reduces the chances of pulmonary infections by up to 68% in study participants with heart disease. On the downside isometrics are associated with more tooth decay then aerobic exercise.

Some weight lifting is better than none, but the person needs the right mix of strength training, cardio, and diet for maximum weight loss. Muscle mass can actually play a role in weight gain for people carrying fat, so the person needs to ensure that not too much muscle is being built just for this reason.

It can be argued that weightlifting is able to target muscle better than other types of physical activity, so it would be the best way to lose weight. There is some speculation that it may be easier to do this than say, running, because of the steadier pace of the aerobic exercise.

Who can lose weight with weight lifting?

Studies have shown that weight lifters tend to be stronger than non-weight lifters, even in untrained populations. That said, there are other studies that attest that most people under weightlifting still experience the most overall weight loss.
The most you can lose for things like weight, height etc. is uncommitted weight.

Some people find it motivating to think of what they could do after exercising, while others would prefer to think about the immediate positive effects of working out. For example, one of my personal trainers says, “I like to describe lifting weights like planting a tree.”